vi·ta       noun.      A biography or résumé.

The man behind the (sewing) machine …


A native born Sedro-Woolleyian, Scott Holmstrom built his clothier talents up from his bootstraps.

His time sewing began in High School, when he was employed at Oliver Hammer Clothes Shop in Sedro Woolley.  You can find Scott there today.

His passion grew out of the need for durable and stylish apparel for himself.  A natural evolution built his skills and diversity (as well as his fabric connection) as friends approached him with commission requests.

“People like the idea of a locally-crafted item, an item that they can relate to the crafter or even approach the crafter and involve their own style choices—what colors do they want, or what materials do they want.  That ownership and unique quality is something people really appreciate and easily connect with.  I give it a lot of consideration.  This isn’t just a knock-around item; it’s something that will be forever remembered.”

—Scott Holmstrom

Holmstrom was recently featured on Skagit By Hand, a weekly radio segment about the artisan spirit of Skagit County.  The interview starts six minutes in.  Enjoy.

Handcrafted with pride in Sedro-Woolley, WA USA

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One thought on “Vita

  1. Hey Scott,

    I met you at the Woolley Market and complimented you on your bow tie. I was pleasantly surprised that you made it yourself and that you have a clothing line. I’m new to the appreciation of quality crafted products especially those made locally and in the U.S.A. I’m also a new entrepreneur and admire those who follow a vision to create business in America. It’s up to us to make this county what our founding fathers intended it to be, which is a strong, independent nation of free thinkers who proudly express ourselves in a creative, free enterprise society. I’m definitely interested in looking at your selection of bow ties and clothing. I’d also love get together for coffee and discuss entrepreneurship.




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