en·dorse·ment      noun.     the act of giving one’s public approval or support

Tying_a_Tie_ScottHere’s what Butcher & Tweed customers have to say about our fine clothing:

“Thanks Scott for the wedding vest! It fits perfectly, and is exactly what we wanted! The included handkerchief was a great addition, and the perfect color.”

-Katie Higgins

“A heartfelt thanks to Butcher and Tweed for the expert and speedy repair work on this tin jacket for my sweetie. We thought you’d just patch the holes, but you went above and beyond!  The extended wool lined cuffs and extra length around the waist are a welcome addition to this Filson jacket we were sure he’d have to retire. Nate’s sure to stay dry in the field this season.

And Scott, thank you so much for this sweet handmade Butcher and Tweed original headband! I wore it to yoga tonight and I love it so – it’s comfy and cute!  Your attention to the small details and sharp eye is so evident in your work.  I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next!”

-Jessie Tierney

“Loving the new headband! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and looking forward to supporting your business further! Keep it up!”

-Jana Brost

Butcher & Tweed was recently featured on Skagit By Hand, a weekly radio segment about the artisan spirit of Skagit County.  The interview starts 6 minutes in.  Enjoy!

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